About ESTA

Behaviour Change Working Group (BCWg)

See below for a description of this group. To get involved, please contact one of the Secretariat contacts listed.

The vision of the ESTA Behaviour Change Working group is to ‘”generate 10%+ energy reduction savings through behaviour change by 2025/30 (i.e deliver at least 50% of the UK’s Clean Growth 20% target for energy efficiency) in support of global IPCC Carbon Targets and the UN Sustainable Development Goals”.

Our aim is to galvanise the industry to an even greater extent than ever before so that as many people think about and act for energy, as they do for H&S, so it becomes mainstream and ultimately friction-free.  To become involved please email info@estaenergy.org.uk

For more information on The Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO) please visit www.energyconsciousorganisation.org.uk

Behaviour Change Working group (BCWg) The Energy Conscious Organisation Visions and Aims