About ESTA

Energy Services Contracting group (ESCg)

See below for a description of this group. To get involved, please contact one of the Secretariat contacts listed.
  • Nick Keegan

Elected Group ChairNick Keegan, Director, EEVS

  • Miguel Matias

Appointed Vice Chair Miguel Matias, CEO, Self Energy Ltd


The ESTA Energy Services Contracting Group provides a dedicated trade body to support energy service companies and associated service providers in the development and delivery of effective Energy Services Contracting (ESC) projects.


The group supports an effective, professional and transparent approach to managing Energy Services Contracting projects.

Effective: achieving and maintaining significant energy and cost savings in an economically efficient manner.

Professional: bringing together experienced service providers to achieve and maintain a good working relationship with customers.

Transparent: providing clear and concise information about contractual arrangements and performance – both projected and verified actual – on a regular basis.


The Group is developing a credible voice in the market by virtue of a membership which represents the range of energy service companies and facilitators involved in ESC projects.

The Group will strive

– to identify barriers to ESC business and use the ESTA framework to lobby policymakers

– to share best practice, technical knowledge and support the assembly of consortia

– to provide a hub of expertise to support clients with understanding and developing ESCs


Run informative half day conferences annually to bring the diverse range of energy services market actors together to discuss key issues, generate membership interest and share best practice with consumers.

Develop and maintain a consumer guide for Energy Services Contracting with a directory of relevant members and their services.

Maintain a list of potential members to invite to conferences and other relevant events.

Participate in industry led initiatives to drive standardisation and quality improvement of energy efficiency services.

Maintain an open conversation with Government to inform and steer relevant policy.

Work with other groups within ESTA to highlight ESC opportunities for their members

Energy Services Contracting group (ESCg) Quality Criteria for Energy Performance Contracting Services