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automatic Monitoring & Targeting group (aM&Tg)

See below for a description of this group. To get involved, please contact one of the Secretariat contacts listed.
  • Tim Holman

automatic Monitoring & Targeting group (aM&Tg)

Elected Group ChairTim Holman, Head of Operations, TEAM


The ESTA aM&T Group provides a dedicated trade body to support ESTA members who provide a range of products and services targeted at measuring, acquiring, managing, processing and analysing energy data in the pursuance of energy efficiency.

The aM&T Group is all about achieving that strong foundation of energy data necessary to make informed decisions regarding energy and cost reduction. Its’ values include not only the professionalism which its’ members demonstrate to clients but also a willingness to work with other members so as to form a strong link in what is often a chain or products and services required to effectively take a client from initial measurement to full understanding.

To attract new members, retain existing members and grow in size and influence. Establish the Group as both the leading authority on aM&T issues as well as the preferred source of aM&T equipment, software and service providers.

To encourage sharing and exchange of knowledge both within the aM&T group and also with other ESTA specialist groups.

To influence government and energy industry policy and regulation as well as the development of technical standards in order to support and, where possible, incentivise the adoption of aM&T as a path toward energy reduction and demand-side management.

To identify barriers to the adoption of aM&T and work together to remove or mitigate same.

Interact with other ESTA specialist groups to promote expertise within aM&T and learn about expertise and opportunities from other groups.

Short term: To introduce a forum for information exchange between members in aM&T and also with other group members either by seeking to reintroduce the ‘round table’ discussions or finding some suitable alternative.

To contact all members to encourage more regular attendance at members’ meetings.

To plan a promotion to attract new members.

Continue to build on the successful February aM&T event.

Medium Term: To find ways of reinforcing the aM&T brand and its’ values.

To look at how the revised ESTA website can be used to further promote individual member businesses. Revisit the ‘Ask ESTA’ format – is there a route for customers to lodge an opportunity via ESTA which accesses all ESTA expertise in one hit?

To establish a mechanism for highlighting relevant changes to legislation and regulation and for undertaking appropriate lobbying and consultation responses.