Member Training Course Accreditation

ESTA is supporting its Members’ Training Courses by providing Accreditation.

What makes ESTA’s Accreditation valid and useful?

– ESTA Members sign up to a Code of Practice providing an ongoing commitment to delivering high quality and best practice information.
– Accreditation is granted following direct feedback from course attendees.
– Accreditation will be continually monitored on a course-by-course basis to maintain validity.
– Each course requires separate accreditation.

How does it work?

– A Member can apply to the ESTA Council for Training Course Accreditation.
– Once granted a ‘Course Approved In Principle’ logo is applied to the course.
– The ‘In principle’ state remains for the next two courses so that adequate attendee feedback can be obtained.
– Following two successful feedback loops the ‘Accredited Training Course’ logo is granted.

What if a high standard isn’t maintained?

– If feedback from the course doesn’t meet the required level, the Member will be asked to address the issues for the next course implementation.
– Should poor feedback continue at a then subsequent session, accreditation will be removed until ESTA Council is satisfied the issues have been addressed. At which point the course can revert to a ‘Course Approved in Principle’ state of accreditation.

To request Accreditation for your training course email: info@estaenergy.org.uk