EQUANS and Mina launch integrated home, workplace and public charging solution for business fleet operators

Monday 16th November 2020
EQUANS (the new name for ENGIE’s services-led activity) has launched a combined at-home and on the road billing solution for fleet owners, under a new partnership with Mina - the UK’s only payment solution for EV charging.
  • New partnership will combine Mina’s software with EQUANS’ charging technology
  • Enables business fleet owners to pay for employees at-home electric vehicle (EV) charging costs with one simple accurate solution

The agreement provides EQUANS with the ability to transform the way businesses manage the payments for charging their EV fleets, by removing the barrier of employees having to claim charging costs on their expenses.

Mina’s software combined with EQUANS’ technology will see an integrated charging system. Charge points installed at employees’ homes are linked to the homeowner’s energy supplier and an invoice is automatically sent to the business each month for these costs. Fleet managers can then ensure that accurate payments are made by Mina directly to the driver’s home energy provider.

EQUANS operates over 2,000 chargers across public and private networks in the UK and customers are now able to benefit from the Mina Solution as part of its full-circle fleet capabilities. This also includes access to the GeniePoint network – the national public EV network, owned and operated by EQUANS. The partnership brings together charging, payments and invoicing across multiple locations including workplaces, public and home charging – making EV charging for fleets more accessible and simplified.

Dee Humphries, Managing Director of EQUANS EV Solutions business said: “We are pleased to be partnering with Mina, a business that shares our values of service and innovation, to enable us to offer a first-class fleet solution for customers.

“At EQUANS, our goal is to ensure that businesses who are looking to switch their fleet to EVs have the support they need to make the transition easy. Mina’s unique solution takes away the administrative burden from drivers and fleet managers. Through the partnership, our customers’ employees can charge their vehicle at home, at their workplace or at a GeniePoint public charger and be billed with one single invoice each month.”

The partnership follows a successful trial of Mina’s EV payment solution by EQUANS’ own fleet. As part of a four-month pilot scheme earlier this year, EQUANS onboarded a number of its own EV fleet to the Mina platform. Home charging points were installed at each of the employee’s homes and employees were able to plug in and charge without the need for reimbursement.

Following the trial, EQUANS has since set out plans to expand usage of the solution to assist in its goal of transitioning to a net zero fleet by 2028.

Ashley Tate, CEO and Co-founder of Mina said: “We’re delighted to be helping EQUANS accelerate their transition to EV and achieve their goal of net-zero. We all know how incredibly important it is to ensure future generations can survive on our planet, and we’re excited to be working with EQUANS to support home charging for both them and their customers.”