Hon President, Martin Fry, Quarterly Report September 2023

Monday 2nd October 2023
This report summarises my relevant activities in the last quarter, apart from ESTA’s own activities which I attend.

Most meetings have been virtual, although now getting back to face to face, and minutes or notes are available for most, providing full details of what was discussed, if there is interest.  Points noted here are more specific to ESTA members’ interests. 

Meetings in the Last Quarter

1. Sector Forum for Energy Management

This is the Brussels Committee I sit on as the UK representative.  There has been much interest in Behaviour Change in relation to energy, for some time, as I have reported earlier.

There is a lot of support for a European Guidance Document, based on a submission presented by ESTA, on behalf of the UK.  Not a Standard, because of the wide range of cultural differences across countries, relating to behaviour, so flexibility needed.  Much discussion, with lots of support from Christina Allen, secretary of the BSI Energy Management Standards Committee.  Work is proceeding in Brussels, but it is a long term process, because of the wide range of activities they have.  The next meeting is not until 12th  October. 

To move things more quickly, Christina has proposed that we produce a UK White Paper on this, for publication, which could then feed into the Guidance Document drafting.  Our next UK committee meeting to discuss progress is on 3rd October.

2. Parliamentary Group for Energy Systems, PGES

This Group brings together parliamentarians, with interests in the wide supply and demand side issues.  I am a member of the Executive Council, representing ESTA.  It has been agreed that we give a presentation on the EnCO project and our links with BSI and Brussels.  Because of their busy programme, this will not be until 9th January next year. 

Chair of the Lords Environment Select Committee – Baroness Kate Parminter, will chair the meeting.  She has a lot of interest in Behaviour Change. It will be arranged for us to meet up with her, to discuss, beforehand.

 3. Local Community Energy and Environment Groups

I have been updating in previous reports on local environmental groups near where I live.  Marlow Energy Group, Greener Henley and our local council, the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, RBWM, Climate Community.  Much is ongoing, addressing not just energy and waste in the home and workplace, but wildlife and the countryside, etc. 

Other ESTA members might be engaged with local activities around the country.  

Local projects include:

The Marlow Energy Group, I shall be giving a talk on the EnCO project on 10th October to local businesses.  We also had the Green Marlow event on 16th September which went well and, coming up, the Smart Energy Show on 18th November.  Local businesses will be participating in this.  I will be on the stand, clearly promoting the services we offer.  There is engagement with schools, I was a judge on essays pupils had to write on environmental challenges.  It went well, the £100 prize was presented by Marlow Mayor.  It will be repeated next year.  A new event nest year will be the ECO School conference.  More details to follow.

Henley, a focus on supporting wildlife, garden sharing for growing vegetables, etc. They hold the Great Big Green Week once a year.

RBWM has the ECO Action Hub, based in the Maidenhead shopping centre.  This provides advice to households and businesses on the wide ranging environmental needs and opportunities. Solar panels are being installed on schools, with funding provided. 

Finally, where I live in Hurley, we have the recently launched EcoChurch project.  This is run by the local church, but is part of a national scheme.  The starting point is wildlife in the churchyard and energy efficiency in the church.  This includes reviewing air source heat pumps and solar panels.  This will then bring the village together, for their homes and gardens.  Clearly I will be giving it my ongoing support.   More to follow in the next update.