Member Training Course: Energy & Sustainability Everyday Champions Course

For energy & sustainability champions and significant energy users

Aim: On-the-job training to create everyday champions and develop the attitudes, skills, knowledge, and performance that champions and significant energy users need to deliver effective continual improvement and leadership as defined by ISO 50001.

Significant energy users include anyone who either has hands-on control of, or can influence, significant energy use; this includes development, procurement, finance, and other colleagues as well as facilities and operational personnel.

The course caters for those:
– Who are completely new to being an everyday champion or significant energy user for their organisation.
– Who need the skills, capability, and training to meet the competency requirements of ISO 50001 or ISO 14001 or to conduct internal energy audits and reviews.
– For those looking to develop an energy management system aligned with ISO 50001
– Experienced energy users and champions who would like to further develop their skills for continual energy improvement and leadership.

Content: Energy awareness; Energy reviews; Objectives and targets; Organisational and other requirements; The catalyst for change; Training needs; Behaviour change; Ways to save energy; Tracking and verifying results; Developing toolkits; Reinforcing and demonstrating continual improvement.

Bespoke: We can tailor make the training course as required; this includes toning down or enhancing the gamification elements.

Commitment:12 guided learning hours, plus activities and project, typically run over a 100 day programme, depending on your aims and objectives.

Delivery: At your site, an off-site location, online or a combination of these.

Qualification: Energy & Sustainability Everyday Champion Certificate. The course is iterative so it can be taken at Levels 1,2 or 3 (Everyday Champion to Lead Champion levels)

“Brilliant!” – “Novel”

“Great way to think about energy saving” – “Very informative”

“Best workshop ever”

“More people now involved means less stress for us to hit targets”

Course Attendees – Course Evaluation Feedback Form (you will require a password from your trainer)

Trainer Details

James Brittain
Experience: City University module leader; Energy Institute module developer (soon to be tutor); Discovery Mill training for Heathrow, retailer teams, Amey, LCMB/ Birmingham Airport, Birmingham University, and others; Previous training for NHS, Mid Career College, CIBSE, EI, BRESCU.
Qualifications: CEng MEI MEng MSc; Consultant Editor for Croner Energy Mgmt; 20+ years in energy; Previously Energy Manager for Heathrow.

For more information contact: James Brittain, Director telephone: 01803 867079 | email: | website: