Performance Measurement and Verification Analyst (PMVA) 24 - 26 July 2024

The Performance Measurement and Verification Analyst (PMVA) professional certification establishes the primary standard for individuals applying performance, measurement, and verification concepts to energy efficiency projects. PMVAs typically work in an analyst role for ESCOs, public administration, utilities, and financial institutions and are involved in designing and implementing energy efficiency programs and financing energy efficiency projects. They have demonstrated M&V capabilities, including a good understanding of applying the IPMVPĀ® to determine savings. PMVAs could be building technologists, HVAC specialists, engineers, architects, economists, financial analysts, etc.


The Efficiency Valuation Organization has launched the PMVA Certification in relation to its  2.5 days (L3) M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP® training course. The PMVA program is based on EVO’s International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP®). EVO’s PMVA Certification is earned by demonstrated field M&V work achieved through a mix of M&V relevant education, professional expertise, and experiences.

The EVO’s M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP Training course and the EVO’s PMVA certification associated to it are provided exclusively by ESTA in the UK and are now widely recognised as the best practice approach to measurement and verification (M&V) for energy saving projects. The IPMVP  is extensively used and referenced globally, and is supported here in the UK.

Training requirement M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP

Prerequisite Introduction to Statistics for M&V (short self-taught online course link sent to attendees prior to start of program).


  • Participants interested in the Performance Measurement and Verification Analyst (PMVA) certification must take the PMVA certification exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental principles of M&V for individual energy efficiency and water projects
  • Understand relevant statistical concepts and how they apply to M&V
  • Understand the IPMVP four Options and the essential elements/content of an M&V Plan
  • Be able to provide professional advice to energy efficiency program developers, utilities, governments, financial institutions, and other parties interested in M&V.

Target Audience

  • Energy performance contractors, Energy Service Professionals and shared savings professionals
  • Demand-side management (DSM) program designers, managers, evaluators, or others working at utilities or public administrations.
  • Energy users implementing energy efficiency measures and looking to account for energy efficiency savings
  • Facility managers properly accounting for energy budgets
  • Building owners & managers seeking recognition for the energy efficiency of their buildings
  • New building designers wishing to account for the sustainability of their project
  • Water efficiency project professionals
  • Designers for emission reduction & trading
  • Energy end users seeking ISO 50001 designation

Certification Exam The certification exam test reflects the following competencies:

  • Knowledge and basic understanding/comprehension of the fundamental principles of M&V for individual energy efficiency projects andspecifically the key concepts of the IPMVP
  • Understanding relevant statistical concepts and how they apply to M&V
  • Understanding the IPMVP four Options and the essential elements/content of an M&V Plan
  • Capacity to provide professional advice to energy efficiency program developers, utilities, governments, financial institutions, energy users and other parties interested in M&V.

The exam consists of multiple-choice questions. Before taking the exam, candidates have access to a series of knowledge-based questions on various M&V topics to test their acquired knowledge and to help them identify subjects/themes requiring further study and revision.

PMVA approval criteria

  • Take the M&V Fundamentals and IPMVP course and pass the exam with a mark of 70% or higher. More than 15,000 individuals have already taken this course in the past decade. (Candidates must take the exam and file their PMVA application with EVO within three years of training.)
  • Have successfully graduated college/university in engineering, architecture, economics, sustainability, finance, building technology, HVAC, or related (requires a copy of the diploma or other relevant credentials)
  • Work in the field for at least two years – M&V, energy, energy efficiency, government, ESCO, utility, financial institution, or related – should be advising/developing/implementing energy efficiency programs, energy projects, financing of energy projects, energy management, energy audits (provide contact details for reference and also a short description of duties)
  • Complete the PMVA electronic application form on EVO’s website, upload information as required, and pay the certification fee.

The PMVA certification is valid for 36 months from the date of inception.

Professional qualifications  A professional qualification in M&V – the ‘Performance Measurement and Verification Analyst’ (PMVA) – is what this course provides. A PMVA is trained to design and implement M&V processes that meet the requirements of IPMVP and must be able to demonstrate substantial experience in doing so.

Candidates who pass the PMVA exam but do not meet the approval criteria entirely are given the PMVA-Associate title. They should prove they meet the criteria within the next four years after the exam in order to obtain the PMVA designation.

PMVA renewal criteria – mix of the following

  • Being employed in the field for the period of the certification (require start/end dates of employment and description of the duties. The duties should be the same or similar to the ones for initial PMVA approval)
  • Teaching M&V, energy, EE, energy financing, etc. courses/webinars/masterclasses (should provide the title of the courses, dates when delivered, program/agenda showing they were the instructors, reference contact details)
  • Prepare simple M&V plans or advise/be part of a team doing/reviewing M&V plans          (names should be on the M&V plan; should provide the title of the M&V plan, when it was prepared or implemented – should be in the same renewal cycle, and contact details for reference)
  • Speak at conferences on M&V relevant topics (should provide the title of the event, dates within the renewal cycle, and programs showing they were the speaker/presentation)
  • Trainee to relevant courses (provide a certificate of attendance within the renewal cycle)• Author of published articles, and papers (provide the title, date of publication, copy or link to the publication; names should be on the publication)

Next set of course dates:

 24 - 26 July (inclusive) 2024 Online  Exam to take place via EVO’s online platform, following the course. The cost of this course is £1,750+VAT per delegate. (20% discount for ESTA Members on ticket prices) -to book your place please email:

All UK training courses and PMVA exams are facilitated by ESTA, as the UK Training Partner of EVO.

For more information on PMVA / PMVE Training with ESTA please email